Cookie Policy

Today, cookies aren’t just something you eat! We’re not sure why the word ‘cookies’ was chosen, but you’ll find them on the vast, vast majority of websites (including our own), and they are small text files that are stored by the browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Safari) on your computer or mobile phone. They allow websites to store things like user preferences. You can think of cookies as providing a ‘memory’ for the website, so that it can recognise you when you come back and respond appropriately. We won’t try to blind you with the science!

The cookies on our site come in two forms – firstly the usual ‘first-party cookies’ which are used for controlling the site itself. They’re issued by the same domain that our site is on and are required for the running of most websites, and are not considered a particular privacy issues. The second type are the ‘third-party cookies’ which are issued from other domains, and are often used for tracking by ad networks. However, you can block these third-party cookies without affecting the functioning of our site.

How can I turn off cookies?

Here’s some handy links to help you:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS.

If you are primarily concerned about third party cookies generated by advertisers, you can turn these off by going to the Your Online Choices site.

You can also visit the trade body representing these advertising platforms for more information: Network Advertising Initative.

They have provided a site where you can control all third-party online advertising.