Sarah has worked in travel since leaving college when she was seventeen, and has a total of 27 years’ experience. She’s worked across different sectors of travel and tourism – including group incoming tours across Britain, an overseas holiday rep in France, and a ski chalet rep in Switzerland – so has a very wide experience too! Working abroad has given Sarah ‘more of an education than I ever learnt at school’, having to think on her feet and solve problems, as well as living and working with people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

For Sarah, it’s important to embrace the language and the food, interacting with the locals and enjoying everything that the country has to offer. She likes to experience things with the locals, seeing things through the local people’s eyes. Sarah also loves getting close to nature, and loves the mountains most. During her time as a ski rep, she learnt the hard way how to ski – ‘no official lessons, just a lot of backseat drivers offering their very best advice. Now that means I can ski down virtually anything, although graceful I’m definitely not!’ She’s keen on trying new sporty activities, which are plentiful in the mountains – she’s parachuted from mountains, canyoned along rivers, white-rafted and swum across lakes or cycled round them!

Sarah’s favourite travel experience was when she was lucky enough to go to Swedish Lapland on a trip to see whether it was suitable for tourism: ‘one of the best experiences in my life was walking through the untouched snow, surrounded by hundreds of reindeer and sitting in a kota with the local samis drinking coffee that looked like tar, over an open fire – and knowing that nobody else had ever done it!’