Tracey always wanted to join travel as a youngster, but never did, until later in life. Whilst working at the Customer Services desk in a superstore, she heard of a local travel agent looking for a part-timer in their shop. Tracey decided to give a go, even though she thought she didn’t have a chance as – despite having travelled a lot – she had no experience working in the sector. When she finally got the call saying she had the job, she was shocked. ‘They said they were looking for a more mature person’ – and twenty-one years later, she’s still working in travel (‘Now I feel old!’).

Tracey especially loves finding bargains for her clients, but also feels there’s so much to see in the world, and it’s her mantra that ‘if it is out there – we will find it for you and book it!’

Tracey’s personal bucketlist is overloaded, and she can’t choose which destination she’s visited is her favourite, although Australia, Florida and Thailand are high up that list. Although if push came to shove, Tracey would probably have to admit that Thailand is her top destination. She has friends who live out in Thailand who she likes to visit, along with the Tiger and Elephant sanctuaries, which probably has to be her favourite travel experience too, when she held four-week old lion, tiger and leopard cubs, and played with two-year old leopards. She met a gorgeous seven-year old blue tiger, who was massive and so lovely, and would recommend this place as the animals live like royalty here, and they weren’t rushed through, feeling like VIPs throughout. Tracey’s also another active member of the team, keen on cycling, and has zip wired through trees on Thai islands and raced round on quad bikes in Phuket.

Tracey’s words of wisdom would be that ‘life is too short, there is so much to see out there – so go out and find it! I have learnt that whether a cruise or land holiday, there is something for everyone!’