The green valleys and mighty fjords of Scandinavia, the imposing Alps, the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean, majestic waterways, cosmopolitan cities and a myriad of histories and cultures - Europe encompasses all this and more. Whether you're enjoying a stein of beer in Munich, marvelling at Renaissance treasures in Florence, admiring the glittering Aegean and blue domes of Greek islands, tucking into Spanish tapas or dining on French haute cuisine, skiing down the Swiss slopes or sailing around Sardinia, hiking the Irish coastline or whirling around dancing a Viennese waltz in Vienna, or discovering the delights of Dubrovnik, there's a smorgasbord of beauty to be witnessed, delicacies to be tasted, and fun to be had in Europe!


A long-time popular holiday destination, scratch a bit beyond the surface and find joyous festivals, intriguing histories, rich and diverse cultures and a varied and delicious food scene. From cosmopolitan cities and quaint fishing villages to fantastic golf and watersports resorts, and from sherry and cider to paella and tapas, Spain's 17 autonomous regions all have their own distinctive characters and something to offer


The rich vineyards of the Douro, and the famous fortified wine of Port, its rich maritime history and famous cod and sardine dishes, quaint cobblestone fishing villages, popular Algarve beach resorts, and romantic fado music – it can only be Portugal, a country full of charm and culture.


Italy: Pizza, pasta, fine wines, olive oil, splendid art and architecture, ancient ruins, the cradle of the Renaissance, the heart of Catholicism, pastel coloured fishing villages dramatically perched on craggy cliffs, spectacular sailing; it means many things to many different people, but makes for an unforgettable holiday


The ancient philosophers Plato and Aristotle, the epic poems of Homer, the birthplace of theatre and democracy, legends of Zeus and Heracles and more, Greece's magnificent ancient civilisation still lives on its striking ruins, but there's also charming islands resplendent with white-stone and blue domes, Byzantine mosaics, olive groves and vineyards spectacular sailing and watersports, and exceptional hospitality to be enjoyed in Greece today


From spectacular ski resorts in the French Alps to the glamorous Côte d'Azur, from its famous vineyards and Cognac to Normandy cidre and calvados, from iconic Gothic cathedrals to First World War battlefields, and from the finest haute cuisine to relaxed Parisian cafe culture and patisseries, France has such diverse offerings, it's no wonder that it's the world's most visited destination


Swathes of dark forest which inspired the Brothers Grimm, charming chocolate-box towns​, romantic fairytale castles, some of Europe's most impressive waterways, rolling hills covered with vineyards, cosmopolitan cities risen from the ashes of war, beer, sausages and sauerkraut - all these can be found in Germany, a cultural, historical, economic and political hub in the heart of Europe.


Head to Austria for fantastic skiing, charming mountain villages, forests and lakes, rugged Alpine terrain, and impressive baroque city architecture and a fascinating Imperial history. As the birthplace of some of the most famous classical composers, it is no surprise that Austria has many cultural treasures, from the Vienna State Opera to the Salzburg Festival, and Johann Strauss Ball. ​


Switzerland offers rural beauty, glamourous ski resorts, medieval treasures such as Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower and Cathedral or Bellinzona’s three castles for history buffs and culture vultures, and the contemporary, hip city of Zurich. It is the country of the great outdoors boasting superior outdoors activities and wintersports.


Spectacular natural scenery including its famous fjords, fantastic outdoors activities including hiking, Nordic walking, fishing and skiing, a variety of museums and replica Viking ships, and Arctic natural phenomena from Northern Lights to Midnight Sun are just some of Norway's highlights.


Denmark's cool, cosmopolitan cities and New Nordic culinary movement are a far cry from its marauding Viking past centuries ago. Often described as the 'happiest place on earth', you will soon experience the uniquely Danish trait of 'hygge'. Birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, Denmark is both the land of fairytales, with its dreamy castles, and 'Scandi-chic', simple, understated landscapes and architecture.


With its blend of tundra, forests, sub-tropical beaches, ornate onion domes, elegant and grand sprawling palaces, imposing Kremlin, concrete Stalinist monuments, world-famous ballet and vast geographical and cultural differences across the length and breadth of the land. Russia is a land of intriguing history, rich cultures, epic train journeys, and vodka - all to be explored and discovered, and the riddle unraveled


​Be enticed by Croatia's long, Adriatic coastlines, charming fishing ports, romantic castles, and historic cities oozing with culture. Encompassing an archipelago of over a thousand islands, Croatia is crossed by the Dinaric Alps, popular with skiiers.


​Discover a culture infused with Roman, Turkish, Slavic and Magyar influences, a veritable treasure trove of architectural gems, as well as a well-earned foodie reputation dating as far back as the late 19th century. But if you just want to relax, enjoy a long soak in one of Hungary's estimated 300 thermal springs, popular with people of all ages!


​Famous for its chocolates, beer, and lace, Belgium is also home to charming medieval towns, Flemish renaissance architecture and the international headquarters of both the EU and NATO​, blending history with hip cafes and innovative art museums. The birth place of French Fries, be sure to tuck into a meal of steaming mussels and fries (moules frites) and, of course, a dollop of mayonnaise - and perhaps a waffle!

The Netherlands

​Tulips, clogs, windmills, canals, cheese and the very liberal city of Amsterdam, a rich artistic heritage which still thrives today since the legacies of the great Dutch Masters, a thriving and contemporary cafe culture, and a great nightlife. There's some remarkable museums to be found, not least those looking back at the Netherlands' turbulent recent past during Nazi Occupation

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a host of treasures to offer, whether it's the rugged coastline, mountainous national parks and crumbling medieval castles of Wales, the glacial glens, famous lochs, myriad of whisky distilleries, and haunting highlands of Scotland, the charming countryside, ancient university towns, and fascinating cities of England, or the breathtaking natural scenery of Northern Ireland


Renowned as the 'Emerald Isle' for its landscape of rolling green hills, punctuated by romantic castles and ancient sites, Ireland is also famous for its charming and friendly people, for Guiness, and for folk music. Visit Ireland for its buzzing nightlife, its folk festivals, to gaze in awe at its rugged coastline, to unearth historic treasures in its ancient churches and abbeys, and more!


Poland is a rich mixture of charming medieval towns, imposing Soviet-era monuments and blocks, stark reminders of the devastation of the Nazi occupation and the Holocaust, hearty cuisine, pierogis and vodka, mountain passes, broad rivers and thick forests all ideal for outdoor pursuits - all great for history buffs, culture vultures, foodies, nature lovers and adventurers!

Czech Republic

Suffused with legacies from ancient Celtic and Germanic tribes, the Protestant Reformation and Communism, and ornate castles, the Czech Republic ​is perfect for history buffs, but it's also beloved for its beers, hot springs, mineral baths, and stunning natural scenery from picturesque lakes to forest-clad hills and lofty mountain ranges great for cycling and hiking and wintersports.
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