Canada is a kaleidoscopic mixture of dazzling natural beauty, vibrant and eclectic cities and different cultures from French-speaking to the indigenous Inuit people. Stretching from the US in the south right up to the Arctic Circle in its north, you'll find a smorgasbord of landscapes from Canada's famous Rockies, prairies, coniferous forests, and the crystal clear waters of Lake Louise, to craggy coastlines, tundra and vast swathes of wilderness. Nature lovers will love Canada's plethora of moose, elk, bison, polar bears, and more, while it's also a popular destination for winter-sports. But Canada's great outdoors is a veritable playground for adventurers year-round. But its cities are cultural hubs just waiting to entice you, from the Asian night market and noodles in multicultural Vancouver, wild Celtic parties on Cape Breton Island, and evocative French atmosphere in French-speaking Montréal. Canada plays host to the world's second largest theatre festival with Edmoton's International Fringe Theatre Festival, while other world-class festivals include Montréal's Jazz Festival, the star-studded Film Festival in Toronto, and Ontario's Stratford Festival, which is, in fact, the continent's largest classical reportory theatre. There's as much in Canada to entice culture vultures as there is for the thrill seekers and nature lovers.

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