Build memories to share with your family on our selection of family holidays - whether you just want to relax together at a family-friendly resort or share experiences whilst exploring

Take a look at our suggestions to start your inspiration, and contact our travel specialists to create the ideal family holiday for you. We can offer family holidays around the world, to suit different budgets, needs and interests, whether a resort stay, or a tour designed for families with kids or teens, or a multi-generational adventure, even tours for single-parent families.

Family-friendly resorts

Staying at a family-friendly resort is the enduring classic family holiday, and still one of the most popular types of holiday for Brits. You can choose to do as much or as little as you like; simply flop by the pool or the beach, whilst the kids splash around, or indulge in some pampering at the spa or a round of golf while the kids make friends and engage in fun-filled activities at the hotel's children's clubs, or join together to enjoy family activities, from catamaran cruises to snorkelling, and beyond.

Family Tours

For the more active or culturally curious family, you can explore destinations with specially designed tours suited for families. Some are particularly tailored for families with teenage children, some can include younger children, and others may have special departure dates for single-parent families. All the worries about transfers, accommodation, and excursions are taken away, so all you and your family have to do is enjoy the adventure together and create memories to share.

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