Exploring Asia solo doesn't need to be daunting - our solo holidays will give you confidence as you travel with other like-minded individuals, taking away all the hassle as transfers, accommodation, and excursions are arranged, and all with low or no single supplement!

Asia: the world's largest and most populous continent, home to some of the world's busiest cities and ancient treasures, where you can admire the unparalleled beauty of iconic monuments like the Taj Mahal and be awe-inspired by natural wonders like Halong Bay, and witness timeless traditions and religious rituals. There is so much on offer in Asia, from the fascinating cultures, the friendly people, the incredible wildlife from tigers in India's Ranthambore Park to the orangutans of Borneo, the temples and pagodas, and the strikingly modern skylines of cities like Shanghai and Tokyo. All of which can be enjoyed as a solo traveller, without having to worry about a single supplement!

Whether you're joining other solo travellers on an exclusive departure or a tour specially tailored for single travellers, or joining a group of like-minded travellers with no or low single supplement, you'll feel more confident and enjoy greater freedom to explore Asia on our solo holidays, taking away all the stresses about transfers, excursions, and accommodation, so that you can simply enjoy and create memories, and make new friends as you hop aboard a Japanese bullet train, sample Thai street food on a market tour, or admire the famous Terracotta Warriors.

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