Discover Africa's culture, history, and wildlife on a tour - whether it's a small group, private, or escorted tour, designed for families or solo travellers!

Uncover the unique UNESCO-listed historical monuments of Ethiopia or Egypt's legendary ancient past, savour the wines of South Africa's world-renowned Winelands, or see how the Berbers live in Morocco - an African tour offers intriguing insights into this fascinating and diverse continent, discovering its eclectic cultures.

There are solo tours - some designed exclusively for solo travellers or offer exclusive 'solo departure' dates - so you can feel free and confident to explore this magnificent continent, without worrying about a solo supplement. You could join a small group tour for intimate local encounters. Africa also offers some great opportunities to explore by rail, with some truly luxurious trains such as the Pride of Africa, but a Nile River Cruise is perhaps one of the best known river cruising experiences, and can easily be combined with a tour. There are so many ways in which to tour around Africa, and our travel specialists are on hand to help you find the right tour for you!

You may wish to dig a little deeper into one country - whether it's Morocco, Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, or even Madagascar (to name just a few) - or combine multiple destinations, with all excursions, transfers and accommodation organised for you.

Multi-country tours

You'll often find that Egypt combines well with Middle Eastern countries like Jordan and Israel, and such tours are particularly ideal for history buffs keen to explore ancient monuments, such as the iconic Pyramids of Egypt (an honourary 'Wonder of the World') and the 'rose city' of Petra (one of the new Wonders of the World), as well as the holy city of Jerusalem, which is a veritable treasure trove of history. Such tours also often include Jordan's Wadi Rum desert - where you can trace Lawrence of Arabia's footsteps, or explore on an exhilarating 4x4 desert safari, or spend the night under the stars - and the mineral-rich Dead Sea, which borders both Israel and Jordan.

In East Africa, Kenya and Tanzania make for a great combination, with both countries part of the Great Rift Valley and featuring vast, beautiful lakes, and expansive national parks home to an abundance of wildlife. The Serengeti itself covers northern Tanzania and extends into Kenya's south-west, and the famous annual migration sees herds of wildebeest and zebra cross over from Tanzania into Kenya. Uganda and Rwanda are sometimes combined together to offer the ultimate chimps, apes and gorillas experience, but they can also be combined with neighbouring Kenya, just like in this safari tour combining Kenya and Rwanda, complete with a beach experience.

South Africa - sometimes called 'the world in one country' - offers such an abundance and diversity of experiences that you may well wish to focus on just South Africa. However, South Africa (particularly from Cape Town) also combines nicely with neighbouring Namibia, a country which is sometimes overlooked but nonetheless offers some very unique experiences, from its incredible sand dunes to tribal cultures and ancient rock art, colonial coastal cities, and its own amazing national parks. In turn, Namibia and Botswana also work well as multi-country tours. Both are arid countries, but Botswana's UNESCO-listed Okavango Delta is a must-explore, and the Kalahari Desert covers both. Another southern African country that's often combined with Botswana is Zimbabwe, with the mighty Victoria Falls an excellent way to start or end a tour. The Victoria Falls are, of course, shared between both Zimbabwe and Zambia, so these countries can also be combined.

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