Whether travelling solo, or in a small group, or with your family, or by rail, discover European culture, history, landmarks, landscapes and cuisine on a tour!

In the mid-17th century, a new tradition emerged amongst upper class young men (and young women, accompanied by chaperones) in which they would take a trip to Europe called the 'Grand Tour', taking in the cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance, travelling across the English Channel to Belgium or France and continuing across the continent up the Seine to Paris - where young men would learn the language and manners of French high society in preparation for a leadership position at home - or the Rhine to Basel, commonly visiting Italy and its most acclaimed cities, such as Turin, Florence, Pisa, Padua, and Venice, sometimes studying music in Naples or the recently discovered archaeological sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii. On the way back, German-speaking parts of Europe, such as Vienna, Dresden, Berlin and Potsdam would be explored.

Today, exploring Europe's cultural legacies remain an attraction for many travellers, and tours will include historic and cosmopolitan cities, where tour guides will recount stories about important monuments and history, balancing excursions with free time for independent exploration (or relaxation). But today's tours also offer a wide variety of experiences, from cooking demonstrations and wine tastings to admiring natural wonders such as waterfalls or cruising fjords. A European tour is like a combined city break, discovering different cities, uncovering their histories and cultures, while also ensuring your transfers and accommodation are also arranged, and your tour guide helps you delve deeper into the destination. Tours can be specially designed for solo travellers, or have specific dates exclusively for like-minded solo guests, or perhaps designed with families in mind, and small group tours offer intimate and authentic local experiences. Europe is particularly popular for river cruising, but its rail tours also offer memorable adventures, whether it's travelling through the beautiful Swiss Alps on the Glacier Express, or a journey aboard the iconic Venice-Simplon Orient Express.

You might prefer to discover a single country in-depth on a tour, but Europe is ideal for multiple-country tours, discovering similarities and differences in neighbouring countries. Wherever or however you want to tour in Europe, our travel specialists can help find the right tour for you.

Multi-country tours

You might be inspired by the 'Grand Tour' of old, with much of Europe being combined together, making a journey from the northwest to the south! However, much of Europe can be combined according to interest - if you're interested in historic battlefields, there are tours combining France and Belgium, which visit battle sites from both World Wars (some tours may focus on either the First or Second World War), while Belgium can also be combined with the Netherlands for travellers interested in tulip fields in Spring time. Germany, positioned as it is towards the north and central Europe, can ideally be combined with any number of countries; some tours focus on the Baltic States of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, even going as far east as Russia, while others look northwards to Scandinavia, as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden offer cosmopolitan cities, beautiful landscapes, and unique ambience. Germany, renowned for its fairytale castles, can also be combined nicely with the imperial cities of Austria, and neighbouring Czech Republic, and even further afield, to Hungary, particularly on river cruises (some of which make the most of the region's musical heritage with music-themed tours).

Europe's mountains are spectacular, and if you're looking to admire the beautiful scenery, then look to the Alps and Dolomites, which naturally combine Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy, whilst the Pyrenees border both France and Spain. Spain is also commonly combined with its Iberian neighbour, Portugal, and both blend well culturally with Morocco, across the Mediterranean in Northern Africa.

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