Explore souks, ancient kingdoms, vast deserts and so much more on a tour - whether travelling solo, in a small group, or on a traditional escorted group tour!

The Middle East features ancient lands, from biblical Jerusalem to the archaeological city of Petra, as well as the strikingly ultra-modern and flashy cities of the United Arab Emirates, which seemingly compete for the world's tallest or world's largest records. Join a tour to discover the complexities and beauty of this region, whether travelling solo or with family, friends or a partner; there's a tour to suit your interests in the Middle East!

Camp out under the stars on Jordan's Wadi Rum desert, and share stories with nomadic Bedouins, be astounded by the opulence of the mosques and skyscrapers of the Arabian Peninsula, relax in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea, bordering both Israel and Jordan - there's so much to discover in the Middle East, which can be explored with a carefully balanced mixture of excursions and free time for independent exploration on a tour, along with all the transfers and accommodation, so you can just enjoy the destinations and discover more. Whether you prefer a traditional escorted tour, or prefer the smaller numbers of a small group tour, contact our dedicated travel specialists today to find your perfect Middle East touring holiday!

With a wealth of history and culture to be discovered in Jordan and Israel respectively, or the forts and ancient heritage of Oman, there's plenty to be enjoyed on a tour focussing on just one of these countries, or you can immerse yourself in the region's contrasts on a multi-country tour.

Multi-country tours

Neighbouring Jordan and Israel make for the perfect combination on tour, sharing the minerals of the Dead Sea itself. There's millennia of history to be unearthed on a tour combining Jordan and Israel, from biblical Bethlehem and the holy city of Jerusalem to Jordan's uniquely rock-cut Petra and Roman ruins in the country's capital, Amman. Even more ancient treasures can be experienced when combined with Egypt, which boasts its own world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites dating back thousands of years.

Historic Oman is rich with heritage, making for a fascinating contrast with the flashier, grand-standing United Arab Emirates, with some tours showcasing the highlights of the Arabian Peninsula, including the gold souk and skyscrapers of Dubai, home to Burj Khalifa the world's tallest building, and Abu Dhabi, home to the magnificent, brilliantly white marble Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, built to accommodate 41,000 worshippers.

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