Join a tour in North and Central America, and discover Mayan and Aztec ruins, lush rainforests and wildlife, the cities, lakes and mountains of the United States, and the contrasts of Canada, and so much more!

Together, North and Central America comprise the North American continent, the third largest in the world, offering a dazzling array of holiday experiences - you'll be spoilt for choice! Experience unforgettable polar bear encounters in Manitoba, Canada, or head to the historic cities of the East, or go west for the breath-taking Rocky Mountains and cosmopolitan Vancouver - or go from coast to coast between East and West - or discover the great canyons, lakes, and wildlife of the National Parks of United States of America, or its musical heritage, and so much more. Savour Mexico's cuisine and uncover its Mayan and Aztec past, or explore the verdant cloud forests of Costa Rica, famous for its volcanoes and wildlife, and admire the colonial cities and ancient ruins, coffee plantations, volcanoes and rainforests of Guatemala. With North and Central America, there's tours to suit all sorts of different interests - whether you're keen on history, natural wonders and national parks, a music fan, or looking for something a bit more active - whether you're travelling solo, looking to join a small group tour, or even travel by rail.

Multi-country Tours

Although the USA and Canada have more than enough to fill one touring holiday, they can be combined easily, with tours blending the American State of Alaska with Canada's Rocky Mountains, for an over-indulgence in stunning natural beauty and wildlife. Some tours may go further south into America's North-West, incorporating Seattle, particularly if it's part of a cruise-and-tour exploring Alaska, the Rockies and Vancouver. On the other side of the coast, tours featuring Niagara Falls, which share a border between the US and Canada makes for a natural combination, particularly as many cities along the Eastern Seaboard are particularly famous and popular for their 'Fall Colours'. In both Canada and the US, the oldest cities can be found in the East, so tours may well focus more on exploring the history of these cities. In Central America, Costa Rica is popularly combined with neighbouring countries Nicaragua and Panama, but with just seven countries in the region, tours may well feature a combination of the others: Guatemala, tiny El Salvador, Hondorus, and Belize, albeit possibly only to spend a night or so in some of the larger cities before focussing on the region's bigger draws. However, you should still appreciate the diversity and similarities of the region, enjoying a taste of Central America.

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