Discover South America's incredible natural wonders, historic treasures, diverse cultures and so much more on a tour

Home to the world's largest rainforest (spanning nine countries), one of the world's largest rivers, the world's longest continental mountain range, and a volcanic island chain renowned for its endemic wildlife, South America boasts captivating landscapes and astounding natural wonders and wildlife. With an intriguing mixture of colonial and pre-Columbine influences, and the pervading legacy of centuries-old traditions still surviving, South America offers cultural adventures and immersion, and its unique and iconic ancient ruins must be explored! Join a tour of South America to experience the best this enchanting and diverse continent has to offer - a balance of excursions and free time and expert tour guides will help you delve a little deeper and immerse yourself more, enjoying authentic experiences and visiting the must-see attractions, plus all transfers and accommodation will be arranged for you.

There's many different styles of tour to discover South America, with some tailored for families, and others exclusively designed for solo travellers. You could choose to join a small group tour for intimate and authentic local experiences, go on a grand tour combining any number of South American countries, or focus on exploring just one country in depth. Whatever you're looking for, our dedicated travel specialists are on hand to help find the right tour for you.

Multi-country tours

South America may be large, spanning 12 very different countries, but you'll find that some countries go hand-in-hand together on a tour, offering you the chance to sample their contrasts and similarities. Brazil and Argentina, two of South America's most popular and larger countries, combine well, not least with the mighty Iguazu Falls on their mutual borders. Sometimes they're both combined with Chile, which is sometimes combined with just Argentina, as the countries share the stunning and diverse Patagonia region in the south. Peru, towards the north-west of the continent, is sometimes paired with Ecuador, particularly for those looking to combine must-do destinations like Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands in one trip, but it's perhaps more common to see Peru combined with Bolivia, on its southern border. Lake Titicaca, one of South America's most unique attractions, is shared between the two countries, and played a pivotal role in Inca legends as the supposed birth place of the first Incas.

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