Explore the Arctic and Iceland on an unforgettable touring holiday, whether travelling solo, in a small group, or on an escorted tour!

The Earth's northernmost region, the Arctic, covers parts of Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and even Russia, and is renowned for its unique natural phenomena from the Northern Lights which illuminate the skies from October to March, and the summer-time Midnight Sun, offering very different, but equally amazing and memorable, experiences throughout the year.

The Polar regions are a must for nature lovers, admiring the stunning and expansive landscapes, but also spotting Polar Bears - particularly in Canada's Churchill and Manitoba during the winter months of October and November - and a variety of birds. Iceland's incredible waterfalls and geothermic geysirs and lagoons are an attraction in their own right, making for popular tours. Norway is famous for its fjords, which can be explored on both coach and rail tours. Our travel specialists can help find the right Polar Region tour for you, whether you're travelling solo, looking for a small group experience, searching for the northern lights or elusive polar bears!

Many tours in the Polar Region may focus solely on Iceland, or the Canadian Arctic, but the Scandinavian parts of the Arctic - Norway, Finland and Sweden - combine perfectly together, if you'd prefer a multi-country tour.

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