Tauck have a long and rich history of offering quality tours, starting in 1925 with Arthur Tauck Snr, who pioneered touring with Tauck Motor Tours – one of the first companies in the U.S. to have a tour operator’s licence. 90 years and three generations of Taucks later, Tauck is still the forerunner in travel experiences for the discerning traveller, whether it’s a river cruise, small ship cruising or a tour. Tauck continue to be spurred on by a passion for creating unique travel experiences, offering a ranch of exclusive and enriching experiences not available to anyone else thanks to partnerships which have long been cultivated, as well as the ongoing partnerships with filmmaker Ken Burns and BBC Earth which provide Tauck with unique content. Tauck Bridges are specifically designed for multiple generations of families to share life-enriching and memorable travel experiences, while Tauck Culturious offer culturally immersive small group travel.

For both Tauck and Select Travel Holidays, how you see the world matters – and that’s not the only value we share! Select Travel Holidays are proud to be Tauck-certified, and Rachel has been invited to join Trade Tauck Advisory Board.