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Our A-Z of 2016 Travel Destinations and Experiences
As we say farewell to 2015, and welcome in 2016, many people will be making New Year's Resolutions as they look the year ahead. Why not resolve to go somewhere you've never been before? Tick off one or two items on your bucketlist? Here's our suggestions for some fantastic new adventures to look forward to in 2016...
Himalayan Foothills, Golden Temple & the Vale of Kashmir - Bella's Diary
One of our travel specialists - ​Bella ​- recently took a group to the Himalayan Foothills, and Kashmir, from the hustle and bustle of Delhi, taking the famous toy train to Shimla, visiting Amritsar's magnificent Golden Temple, and staying in a house boat by the stunningly beautiful Nagin Lake - here's her diary...
World Festivals - April and May
In the spring-time months of April and May, the festivities again begin with a bang, as two churches in a Greek town blast thousands of rockets at each other to celebrate Easter in a pyrotechnical display of friendly rivalry, but there's also a national water fight in Thailand, and elephants aplenty, the largest festival in the world where millions of devotees wash away their sins - and those of their ancestors - in the Ganges in such crowds that they can be seen from space. Spring is waved off in central and northern Europe with maypoles and bonfires, and Mexicans celebrate independence, whilst the English chase cheese down the hill.
World Festivals - January to March
Let's celebrate the world's colourful carnivals and fun festivals - here's our guide to festivities held in January to March, so you know where to join the Carnival or admire ice sculptures!
In Focus: Bilbao - Local Specialties
From pintxos, the Basque take on tapas, to Bilbao's local desserts, here's our guide to what's tasty in Bilbao's local specialties, and how to quench your thirst Bilbao-style
In Focus: Bordeaux - Local Specialties
Our guide to the local specialties of Bordeaux, the world's major wine industry capital, and its delectable delicacies from Escargots à la Caudéranaise and Huîtres du Bassin d’Arcachon to Le Salmis de palombe and Les tricandilles, followed by Cannelés - yum!
A brief guide to river cruises: A-Rosa
With river cruising becoming increasingly popular, there's more ships and more river cruises to choose from. Here's our brief guide to river cruising, with a look at A-Rosa


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